Monday, November 26, 2012


Images via GGgunjap/ moeyo

Here is a compilation of 2013 Gundam Model/Figure releases by Bandai. (I'm not sure if this is complete)

1/144 AGE-FX: Burst Mode
Robot Damashii MK-V and Doven Wolf
MG ReZEL Type-C Defenser a+b unit [GR]
Titanium Finish Banshee
Bandai Exclusive RG Strike Rouge
1/144 G- Xiphos
1/144 Gransa
1/144 Shaldoll Rouge
MG Strike (remastered version)
MG Sinanju Stein
SD Delta Plus
MG Jesta
1/144 Jesta Cannon
1/144 Perfect Strike
1/144 EZ-8
1/144 Blue Frame Astray Revised
Guess: HGUC White Banshee,  Zogok  and Doven Wolf
Guess: HGUC Messala
ReZEL Defenser [b-unit] type C
MG Tallgeese I
SD Banshee
Robot Damashii Silver Bullet
RG Destiny, Z'Gok, GM, Gouf and Rx-79 [G]
Bandai Exclusive Double Fin Funnel add-on for MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka.

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