Thursday, July 26, 2012

Old Kit: PG Strike

Here is my one and only PG model for Strike Gundam. It's quite old and dusty so I need to clean it up. Also I have to remove the seam lines from this model and do some panel lining. This model reminds me of the time I'm still new with gunpla model building.

GAT-X105 Gundam Real Detail Model Kit

Got to do some photo shoots with this soon :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012


Yep, the RX-78-2 is the very first gundam introduced in the franchise. Referred as the White Devil in the Mobile Suit Gundam series it definitely is one cool mech that no gundam collector should miss. Though this   model kit uses the design made by Kataoki Hajime, this model kit still resembles a lot to the original version.

Saturday, July 7, 2012


Blogs are not really my thing. I'm not good at creating one nor do I enjoy reading them. However it dawned on me that blogging gives us an opportunity that only it can offer... and that is sharing the experience that you truly love and enjoy doing. That is why I started creating my own blog.

Though a lot of people use blogging as a way to earn money (through ads) or an avenue for their stress/ love for something/someone, I for my case, will be blogging about my passion for Gundams and photomanipulation (w/Photoshop).

I am not actually talented in building "gundam model kits" rather I just enjoy collecting and customizing them. Usually what I do to make them look better is I photomanipulate them with old pictures I took from my past journeys in life or from images I found thru the internet. An example of this is the image I placed below.

This one is a product of combining the photographs I took from Kaoshioung, Taiwan and my MG Exia Ignition Mode model kit.

Expect a lot of these in my following blogs. Hopefully you get to appreciate these things I would be sharing to you. So as a start to my blogging life let us proceed to the first model I shall feature...

In the beginning we shall take a look at the RX-78-2 RG model kit :)