Saturday, January 12, 2013


Last Tuesday my Nu Gundam Ver Ka. finally arrived. I was excited to build it so much that every night after work, I would rush home just to do my build. Below are just images of my WIP for the past four days.

However I made an error on the fourth day that took out most of my efforts in the build. My miscalculation with the topcoat cost me my  Nu's torso with its decals.

Now he looks like Nu with a weathered torso :|

That made my day terrible... after that I still continued on building but committed more errors along the way especially with my unfamiliarity with the water slides (lost a handful of it). I improvised a little to save my Nu's torso. Of course I'll still continue with my Perfect Nu WIP despite encountering this downer on the 4th. On a positive note, the model kit still looks great despite me having issues with the torso, water slides and the fingers that often fall-off. Here are some of its images.

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