Monday, September 9, 2013


Last year I made a listing of the model kits I want to have/ be released for 2013 (see it here). Today since its the 'Ber months again I'll make a new wishlist but before that let us review the kits that came to be for me this year. :)

1/100 Kastrysha

Elyn hobby produced this special edition of my favorite UC mobile suit (originally known as Kshatriya). It's complete an LED system and a badass look. Good thing Metro Toy Works helped me purchase this one. It was quite expensive but is totally a worth it kit.

1/144 Deep Striker 

To be released this year end is Ace Model's version of Deep Striker. I can't wait to get this kit. This has been my long time favorite Sentinel mobile suit. Plus Elyn's doing a Deep Striker too.

MG Geara Doga

They did release an MG of this kit this year, sadly I lost interest on this one.

MG Sinanju and Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

I did not bought these kits instead I won them from the Gunpla Promotion Campaign that happened this year. Along with these prizes are 4 more kits namely Strike Freedom, Red Frame Astray Kai, 00-Raiser and Epyon. Whew too many backlog kits this year. (I still have to get a bazooka for Sinanju, might as well get it from S. Stein)

And before we proceed to my new wishlist here is another one I asked for last year that almost came true... almost.

MG Tallgeese III

Bandai did release a Tallgeese followed by an exclusive edition of Tallgeese II but forgot to release Tallgeese III. Oh well, next year please?

So what would my wishlist contain this year? Well here they are:

Model Kit Releases for 2014

1/144 Psycho Gundam

This is my top of mind choice. A 1/144 version of this mecha-monster would somehow have a size of a PG. Ain't that cool pairing it with a 1/144 AEUG mobile suit.

MG Nu Gundam Ver. Ka H.W.S.

I absolutely want an MG kit for this one. I know it will have weight issues and less articulation but damn this is worth displaying in my cabinet.

MG Jesta Cannon

The MG Jesta was indeed a big hit for modelers this year. Having an MG version of Jesta Cannon would also definitely be a big seller for Bandai if they did this next year.

MG Tallgeese III

Of course just like last year, MG Tallgeese III please?

Iron Man Redsnapper

I longed to have an Iron man figure but I prefer model kits. That is why I want to include Redsnapper in my list.

Pacific Rim Striker Eureka

I would like to see some model kits from Pacific Rim especially one for Striker Eureka.

Buying List for 2014

So what are the kits I plan to buy next year... Well I plan to try other types of model kits this time and hopefully I enjoy them too like gunpla. So here is my brief buying list for next year:

MG Sazabi Ver. Ka

Of course this is a must buy kit for all modelers.

MG Strike Gundam RM and Strike Gundam I.W.S.P.

Yep I plan to repaint Strike RM and arm it with I.W.S.P. arsenal. That would definitely pump up the remastered version.

MG Jesta

Yep. Jesta is on my list. It's by the way one of the best MG base kit out there. 

Zoids Model Kit

Not yet sure what Zoids kit to get but a Gojulas is a good start. Will decide on this next year but definitely I'm interested in trying this line.


Yeah any collectible figure would do. Hopefully 2014's exclusive kit would be a badass one.

Frame Arms

Next year's exclusive Frame Arms kit is also included in my list. Hope it would look damn good like the one this year!

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