Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Here is my entry for the HG 00 Gundam contest created by Painted Hobbies. I used as base my old 00 Qan [T] and beefed him up using various parts from MG Red Frame Astray, SD Qan [T], builder parts, kotobukiya MSG, excess sprue, old stickers and plastic styrene sheets. It took me a month to finish this custom kit. And man, it was a great and fun build! This is just my second custom designed build and definetely its a huge progress over my first one. Check out the final product below and hopefully you guys would love it.

Let's start off with the front and rear view.

You'll notice that the build has a variation of bladed type weaponry. All these bladed weapons were inspired by the 3 MS of Setsuna. We have the GN blades and sword from Quanta in the rear shield, a big and long GN sword on the left (that reminds us of 00 Raiser's heavy GN Sword III), a swinging long blade attached on the right arm (popularized by Exia) and two short daggers mounted on the hips.

Anyway enough of that build explanation, here are some more pics and poses for the build

That stare and big sword (gulp!)
Laser sword, gun whatever!
Come at me bro!
Ooooh!!! Butcher Knife! Time to chop, chop, chop!
Looks sexy at this angle.
I have a trident!
Slice time!
Hmmm... I actually forgot to take pics of the hip daggers... oh well.

Well at this part, I'll just share some of the unnoticeable details I've added on the kit. Yeah I know the swords, stole the show hehehe.

I've attached the GN Sword V at the shield using excess sprue and a pin vise. Hardly noticeable but at least I've made a shield with a GN/ laser sword which I love.
I like the builder part lens attached on this right arm plus that long sword.
The leg lens has a sticker inside that added a mechanical inner detail into it.
The hands came from Try burning and that clear blue part inside is an excess plastic.
Again, builder part lens within the large chest lens. 
Well that is it. Hope you guys love my custom. 

W.I.P. pics

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