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Yep, the RX-78-2 is the very first gundam introduced in the franchise. Referred as the White Devil in the Mobile Suit Gundam series it definitely is one cool mech that no gundam collector should miss. Though this   model kit uses the design made by Kataoki Hajime, this model kit still resembles a lot to the original version.

The Original RX-78-2

Proceeding to the kit the very first part you'll assemble are the legs. Next would be the torso followed by the arms and finally the head.

Notice that the arms have stickers near the elbow. It produces a metallic effect that makes it appear somewhat like copper or some metal thing. This kind of detail normally is not found in HG1/144 kits which just tells you how accurate the designs are for a Real Grade. The downside for this sticker is that it easily peels off every time you move the arms. Moving it too much would also damage the sticker making it lose its color.

Final Product: Front and Rear View

The RG (Real Grade) version of the RX-78-2 is  a great buy for all mech builders out there. It is cheap, easy to build, has good details and enhanced flexibility you won't normally find in a regular 1/144 HG (High Grade) Gundam model. The only thing you have to watch out for other than the peeling stickers are the loose parts.

If you are still not familiar what an RG is, you can imagine it as a 1/144 version of a 1/100 scale model of a MG (Master Grade). It has a lot of details like its bigger version, has an inner frame and has tons of gimmicks like a hatch that can be opened or moving fingers. But unlike the larger ones, the RG has very small parts that does not hold together very tightly. That is why from time to time expect that while your posing this guy some parts might suddenly fell off. The only solution for this negative feature is gluing the parts together. However remember that not all parts can be glued otherwise you will come up with an immovable Gundam. But still at the end of the day I still love this li'l mech.

Aside from the robot, this model kit also includes a core fighter jet that can transform into the body of this Gundam. It you want, you can replace the fixed torso of this mech with the jet.

The Transformable Core Fighter Jet

As for the weapons there will be three types available namely,  four beam sabers, oner beam rifle and a big bazooka. The beam saber and gun can be mounted on the shield (only two slots for beam sabers), or you may want to place the beam saber at the back. The bazooka on the other hand can be placed on an opening at the lower back. There is not much to comment about the weapons except for the beam sabers which are very long.

Bazooka mounted at the back

I you are planning to buy this kit I can assure you that you'll enjoy building and posing this one. I'm actually planning to buy the Zaku RG kit to partner with this one.

The White Devil's Rival: Char Aznable's MS-06S Zaku II

See you on our next post which would be about the MG Deathscythe Hell Custom.

I found this image on Gundam wiki and its the draft designs of the RX-78-2. Notice how different it is to the final version.

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