Thursday, July 19, 2012


Burning effects using Photoshop Brushes

I bought this li'l devil from Greenbelt at P2900, P150 more than the ones sold in Greenhills (Dang!).

Box Art
Nonetheless that did not stop me from having fun building it. In fact it was with this kit that I first tried using markers and pens. I did not buy the pricey Gundam markers sold in hobby shops but what I bought were just regular pens and markers. I tried using a uni pen, Sakura micron figment ink pen and four differently colored Sharpie permanent pen.

Using the uni pen, I started inking the panel lines located at the head of the Deathscythe. I have below what it looks like right after I inked it. Notice that the black lines at the mouth area are all produced by my panel lining. There are also some at the middle portion of the horns. On the other hand, I used the Sharpie red permanent marker to change the color of the beam scythe from green to red.

The head with inked panel lines

Customized Beam Scythe

Everything came out well and I truly love the red beam scythe. I also want to add some chains to my Gundam but I still can't figure out where I'll buy one and how I'll design it to create a devil spawn feel for this one. I also added some old decals and stickers to fully customize my kit.

Zaft stcker at the upper chest portion

As for the wings, I colored its edges with the red Sharpie and it produced quite a shiny bronze effect on it. I also added the decals from this model to make it look more fancy.

My customized bat wings

And finally below is the final output. Compared to my other Master Grade Gundams, the Deathscythe appears to be shorter. But this was offset by its massive wingspan which definitely consumes a lot of space. No wonder I need to find a bigger place just to get good shots for this guy.

Now my comments about this model kit. Its design, wing gimmick and beam scythe are absolutely AMAZING! Definitely this Gundam would remind you of Batman and his dark awesomeness. (which reminds me that his Dark Knight Rises movie is currently showing in theaters). The only trouble you would have with this kit is its wings which are difficult to move. Every time I try to expand it I always get this feeling of having to break it apart. So have some extra caution when playing with it. On the brighter side, since the wings are strongly attached together, you would not worry anymore of it being loose or floppy.

Aside from the wings, the shoulder guards can also be extended to allow you to clamp the wing together. There is a sliding lock located at the red sharp edges of the wings that makes sure that it won't open up when closed. Another thing about this model is its fixed fingers. I'm not actually a fan of it since I prefer highly articulated ones but it still has a decent set of four pairs which you can play around when posing the Deathscythe.

For me the only thing I don't like about this model is the violet color design on some parts. It would be better off it was colored gray instead. If you really want to pump this model, you can repaint it with Diablo-like colors.

I also did some photo shoot on this Gundam as part of my practice in getting better shots for my future model kits. (Too bad my old broken digicam does not produce high quality shots but I can live with that.) You may take a look at it to get better perspectives of this model.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to share your own version of MG Deathscythe and any other Gundams.

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