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The Hi-V gundam or Hi-Nu is my all-time favorite model kit. Being able to build this is truly a dream come true for me. The Hi-Nu in fact is the alternate version of the Nu Gundam of Amuro Ray. It only appeared in a manga series and some Gundam video games. (I do not count 'though the black and white version that appeared in an anime called Gunpla Builders) It has similar features to the later version which is very noticeable in the weapons it use: the fin funnel, hyper bazooka, beam rifle and beam sabers.

Long Range weapons of the Hi-Nu Gundam

Weapons + shield

Unlike the original color scheme of the Nu Gundam (which is more of black,white and yellow), the Hi-Nu follows a blue, white and silver color design. Although there were also some versions where it uses violet instead of blue. This just shows that unlike the other popular Gundams (exia, wing, etc...), Amuro Ray seems to have different liking of color in each of his mobile suits. Unlike his counterpart Char who enjoys to ride a customized red mobile suit.

Front View

Rear View

The model kit was truly a masterpiece since compared to the other Gundams I made so far this one truly has lots of details from the inner frame up to the outer parts.

Details of screws, valves and pistons found in the leg part
Look at my hands, the left and the right

Painting and inking all these details truly made the building experience memorable and exciting. The only problem I encountered in building this kit is dealing with the beam saber container at the left arm. As a matter fact I broke that part while I was attempting to open it up. Good thing the super glue was able to fix it but still it takes me quite a while opening it up.

The beam saber at the left arm
Speaking of the beam sabers. This Gundam actually has three (3) slots for the sabers. One I already mentioned earlier and two at the wing part.

Bring out the beam sabers!!!

Maybe you had noticed already, there is another weapon found in the right arm of this mobile suit and it is actually a tiny gun. I painted it with silver and gold to make it more visible and nice to see.

Moving on, there are only two negative feedback I have for this kit. One is that the hatch does not open up that much to make the cockpit visible and two the fin funnels keep on falling. Other than those two I got nothing else to say about this kit but all in all this one is definitely close to being perfect.

"Open Sesame!"

The fin funnels and two propellant tanks
This kit comes along with a exclusive Amuro Ray customized stand and a set of effect parts for the fin funnels which you can use in making cooler and artistic poses for your Gundam.

Want a piece of me boy?

Fly my funnels
Overall this kit is really a great addition to your Gundam collection. I would suggest that you should also buy one since this is one of the few Gundams that you can consider as one complete set (Gundam+stand+effect parts). I hope you would enjoy building the Hi-Nu as I did :) Kudos!

Thumbs up for this Model Kit

So how big is this kit? Well take a look below as a I compare it to my other 1/100 MG kit and a 1/144 RG kit.
Hi-Nu with MG Heavy Arms and Grandfather RX-78-2

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