Friday, August 3, 2012


I just  finished assembling my customized Heavy Arms a few day ago. I have not added the topcoat yet due to the bad weather these past days. Anyhow here is what I've done so far.

Ready to build!



w/o the backpack and some decals/stickers

Missile Barrage

Holding its cool gatling gun

Now it's about time for me to review this model kit. Starting with the cons, the weapons of the Heavy Arms are what makes this mech one badass kit however the big knife and the useless beam sword does not contribute to that. The enormous size of the knife becomes a problem to posing since its edge would always hit the shoulder if you wont bend the arm where it's installed. The beam saber in this kit only comes with its hilt (no laser sword) which makes it useless if you do not have a stock of those red/green/blue sabers. Also it comes along with a special arm that you can attach on the left arm which you would likely not bother to use... ever! (Unless you want to replicate the scene where Heero battled the Tallgeese using the Heavy Arms back in the Gundam Wing series.) Another problem you would encounter with the weapons is the loose ammunition pack that falls off every time you move the gatling gun in a certain angle.

Despite the issues with the weapons, the Gundam itself has no more other problems. In fact the way it was designed was so good that you'll surely enjoy customizing this kit. You can color the missiles individually as you please and even customize your own gatling gun. And most of all the most exciting part in this kit is posing it.

Exposing the tons of missiles of the Heavy Arms together with its chest guns and gatling gun would give you the pose of a true war-machine. By being true to its name, HEAVY ARMS, this kit did in fact brought out this Gundam's true potential. Definitely a must add kit to your growing collection of Gundams :)

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