Sunday, September 23, 2012


So it ends... This is the final battle to end the long war of the Gundam Age series. At long last both Vagan and Earth forces finally decide to stop fighting and instead live together harmoniously. Such a cliche ending but still one interesting series. Unlike any other Gundam stories, this one introduced three protagonists from one family line starting with Asemu, followed by Flit then Kio (now this is one family that loves to dye their hair- notice that they never had they same hair color). 

Asemu (blue haired guy),Flit (w/ blond hair) and Kio
I guess that is what makes Gundam Age unique from the rest but another thing I noticed is that that most of the Vagan units looks more like Alien creatures rather than the traditional mobile suits. I did not actually watched the whole series because of that. For me having alien-like creatures makes the series more like Macross. No wonder I enjoyed the UC series more than this. Despite it being repetitive, I like the way they stick with "mecha" looking units rather than having robots with carapace-like armor.  

Another thing, this is one of the few series where you get to see the Gundam of the protagonist not badly damaged after the final battle. 

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