Thursday, September 27, 2012


Today I chose to feature one my favorite Zeon units the Kshatriya. Aka NZ-666 (Quad-Wing), this powerful unit is piloted by Marida Cruz of the Unicorn Gundam series. Like its predecessor the NZ-000 Queen Mansa, the Kshatriya has four large binders installed on its shoulders. Each stores a pair of mega particle cannons that can be fired as a single shot or as a scattered shot. Four more can be found on its chest.

Queen Mansa via  gundam wikia

Kshatriya via  gundam wikia

It also has as support an I-field barrier used for defense and a psychoframe that enhances the unit's capabilities. The other weapons found in this unit is the vulcan gun, beam saber and its favorite weapon the funnels. 

To appreciate more of this powerful Zeon unit I'll be posting three good customized builds of it within the day but to start it off let's watch some short clips of this mobile suit.

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