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Here is my 1/144 Fix figuration of EX-S Gundam. This is the upgraded version of the MSA-011 S-Gundam. It was piloted by Ryu Roots from the novel Gundam Sentinel. What made this unit unique from the other Gundams developed during the Universal Century period was its system ALICE which was an advance A.I. combat computer. This system enhanced the units capabilities multiple folds thus making it the most powerful unit of Task Force Alpha. With the help of EX-S Gundam, Ryu and his team were able to subdue the treats from the New Desides.

EX-S Gundam
Just like most fix figs, you can assemble this model in multiple ways depending on your own preference. You can remove the add-ons from the EX-S Gundam and just simply have the original S-Gundam or you can mix and match the add-ons base on your own liking. 

This model has very good articulation and is durable. The only complaints you'll encounter with this one is its paint job which is a common issue for all fix figs. 

The image above shows you the rear view of the EX-S Gundam (w/o its large propellant tanks). On the other hand, the image below shows you the S-Gundam's booster pack which you can replace with the large boosters of EX-S.

For the weapons of EX-S, it has 60mm Vulcan Cannons mounted on its head, two Beam Cannons located near its thighs (power rating of 14MW) and another four at the back (power rating of 12MW), two Beam Sabers and a Beam Smart Gun (power rating of 56MW). This unit also has an Incom mounted on the head and two reflector Incoms stored in the knees.

Vulcan cannon on the head and beam cannons near the thighs

EX-S holding its Beam Smart Gun

A blue Beam Saber for the EX-S
The fix figuration EX-S is definitely a good addition to my collection. Although this has a master grade version I did not opt to buy it due to its large space consumption. Having this 1/144 model is already great plus it also has intricate details which I love so much. 

  • ALICE stands for Advanced Logistic & In-consequence Cognizing Equipment.
  • The EX-S also has an I-field beam-deflecting Barrier Generator used for defense against beam attacks.
  • The EX-S in the novel can transform into the G-Cruiser, however I cannot do this with the fix fig.

G-Cruiser via

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