Monday, October 1, 2012


Photos by  C. Santiago
Mark Buenaventura's Barbarian from Diablo III
won the special award for the male category
Looks fierce

But fiercer with red eyes

Ian Gomez's Ryumma got the Nostalgia Bomb award
Krisdel Ingreso's Styria won the Female special award
while Jhel David's Nix got the Special award for craftsmanship

We spotted some of the cast from TV 5's fantaserye The Enchanted Garden in the event.

And oh BB Gandang Hari was also present in this event.
Image via S. Fionah

Click on this link to see Part 1. More pics to come in Part 3 plus we will have a Part 2.5 featuring Mecha-Anime cosplays! :)

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