Thursday, October 11, 2012


LATEST UPDATE: 1/8/2013 (Images via Gundam Guy)

Nice one Bandai. Nice gimmick and marketing strategy.

They used the growing curiosity on the Tallgeese Shiron to add more impact to their new product. This unit is the predecessor of Tallgeese which is actually a Leo mobile suit with Tallgeese's Gun and boosters. This was recently unveiled in the on-going Gundam Wing novel (was it the Frozen Teardrop?). The new gimmick simply allows you to have both mobile suits in one kit just be removing the Tallgeese's mask or helmet. 

Behind the mask is the surprise

Tallgeese Shiron

Tallgeese Shiron

via GG

I just can't believe my eyes when I saw this MG 1/100 Tallgeese prototype. Definitely this is on my list of must buy next year. Probably right after I acquire my MG Nu Gundam ver. ka

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