Friday, October 19, 2012


I must admit...

I am a huge fan of Anazasi Custom. 

It started when I saw his Psycho Gundam entry for GWBC 2012 held in Robinson's Magnolia. I truly liked the way he tweaked the Psycho Gundam's torso to make it look slim and skeletal-like. That added a more psychotic feel (yep sounds redundant) to the model which I associate with the insane Eva units from Evangelion.

Of course this build he made piqued my interest to discover more about his works. I visited his Facebook Fan Page and blog and found several other greats builds. Below are just a few of the masterpieces I found made by Anazasi Custom. 

So for the next few posts, I decided to dedicate it to Anazasi Custom by featuring some of these builds.

Stay tuned for it.