Saturday, October 20, 2012


I bought this kit during the GBWC 2012 competition held at Robinsons Magnolia. I did not intend to purchase this one but due to the marketing traps they set-up I decided to get one (they gave two Serial Cards for the 3rd Gunpla X Promotion Campaign and a raffle coupon for the Double-bullet clear version). 

Since it is an Advance Grade Model expect that it has poor articulation and details. No stickers/ decals are included in this kit and surprisingly no clear parts.  

To add some life to this model kit, I used my gold, silver and metallic red marker to color some parts. I used an orange Sharpie to color the two small hexagons located at the head and a black .5 Unipen for lining. I recycled some of the stickers I did not use from my old master grade model kits and cut out the Bandai logo to use as an extra decal.    

Finally I added some semi-gloss topcoat to protect the paint and stickers. It turned out pretty well more than I expected.

Right after building this kit, I actually got inspired to settle on assembling 1/144 kits again. Buying MGs are rather very costly and I'm actually running out of cabinet space for these models. I guess I'm down to buying my last 3 MG kits for now (Kampfer, Nu and Tallgeese).

Hope you liked my build. Ciao!

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