Thursday, October 4, 2012


Today we shall feature the MS-07 Gouf as the mobile suit for the day. This unit first appeared during the one year war piloted by Ramba Ral and is said to be an upgraded version of the Zaku, thus making it formidable and stronger than the previous models. Several variants of this unit was introduced in the UC era and for me my favorite version would be the Gouf Custom piloted by the veteran pilot Norris Packard from the 08th MS Team series. Unlike most Zaku's most Goufs comes with a blue color scheme with spots of yellow on the lower part of the torso. They use weaponry similar to that of a Zaku however their armaments are usually more bulky, armed and powerful.

Below is a short clip of this deadly unit from the 08th MS Team series. Enjoy!

Up next, we shall feature some incredible custom builds for the Gouf. So stay tuned!

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